Untitled (comb)

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Untitled (comb) from Kailey Bryan on Vimeo. Untitled (comb) with Pepa Chan HD video, 3:23 2017 Concept: Pepa Chan Performance: Pepa Chan, Lisa Dodge Props: Chris George Videography, editing: Kailey Bryan

Eat your heart out

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  Eat Your Heart Out with Pepa Chan site specific performance, 4 hours as part of HOLD FAST Contemporary Art Festival 2016 “From a dark alley spills soft light and the tinkling of china. Across an elegantly set table sit two people, blindfolded. Over four hours they feed each other a seven course meal. Gestures […]

Body loom, 5′ 4″

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Kailey Bryan – Body Loom 5′ 4″ – final from Kailey Bryan on Vimeo.   Body Loom, 5’ 4” HD video, 7:44 performance, varied 2015


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Ingrown documentation from Kailey Bryan on Vimeo. Ingrown durational performance, dimensions variable presented as part of One Night Stand performance art series at Eastern Edge Gallery 2014 Ingrown is a durational performance during which I pluck body hair systematically, strand by strand, seal in medical grade vials, and catalogue in a ledger based on body […]

Open Up

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Open Up from Kailey Bryan on Vimeo.   Open Up video, 3:56 – to be played looped 2013 I would like to thank Andrew Wardlaw for his assistance in filming this video.